This is important, and time is running out.  Craft breweries are getting crushed during the pandemic.  Many are hanging on by a government PPP string.  The Denver Post recently reported that at least 170 independent craft breweries closed during the first half of 2020.  The number is likely to be much larger at present.  Most

“Mo Money Mo Problems:” How the Post-Mortem Right of Publicity Affects Craft Brewers

  1. Introduction

I once went to a taproom with an array of eighty self-serve beer taps. It was initially difficult to pick a beer from the eighty options. But soon, one caught my eye: North Coast Brewing Company’s “Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey

Aloha everyone. As per my custom, below is an unedited  paper written by Tracy Dudick (a rockstar evening student at McGeorge) during my last Craft Beer Law class. This paper examines the sometimes complex relationship between craft beer and legal cannabis.  While there are some similar studies out there, Ms. Dudick provides some great insights

It’s a really tough time to be an independent craft brewery.  Despite headlines saying that alcohol sales are skyrocketing, and while that is true, small craft breweries have essentially seen two out of three of their main sources of income cut down to nothing.  More specifically, small breweries have almost complete losses in taproom sales

This could be really bad for independent craft beer.  Most states have tied-house laws that prevent manufacturers from giving retailers a “thing of value.”  Among the many prohibitions this encompasses, manufacturers are (were?) universally prohibited from paying a retailer for advertising space.  Several exceptions exist, but the general purpose is to prevent a retailer from

When Tom McCormick, Executive Director of the California Craft Brewers Association, comes to speak to my Craft Beer Law class here at McGeorge, one thing he always tells my students is that there is a shortage of attorneys conversant with craft beer law and the industry in California.  Well, three craft beer law attorneys just

For those of you who read this blog, you might be wondering where the heck I have been? Am I alive? My friends, don’t try to write a book. I say that in jest, of course, but I have been working on the world’s first craft beer law textbook (under contract with Carolina Academic Press)

You know how you get sick after being confined in crowded areas like airplanes or New York City? It appears the same can be true for some companies when markets get crowded. I will say for the record that the independent craft breweries and industry folks that I know, almost universally, are good, community-oriented people

The following is a student article written for my last craft beer law class at McGeorge.  The student author is Katie Green, and as a “reward” for receiving the highest grade in the class, here is her article for your reading pleasure.  Ms. Green makes an interesting argument about why craft beer needs to explore